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Monday, March 9, 2015

Miro with Mixed Media! Day 1

First we watched a video/slideshow of works by Joan Miro. Here is the link:

We emphasized the colour, contrast of bright and dark, fun shapes, what kind of images they see in the pictures (look a cat!)

Once we finished this we did something akin to an "exquisite corpse" where each student would draw a shape on a page and then hand it on so that several complex and interesting overlapping shapes would eventually result.

These were then cut and divided into one envelope for each student. I had some of the students work as helpers to do the collecting - going from station to station so that each envelope had at least 2 random pieces of each colour.

Here are some of the cut outs and pages:

Students then were instructed to use oil pastels on heavy watercolour paper. They had to choose three colours and were asked to use both solid areas of colour and lines, leaving some white spaces too. I demonstrated first and then shared my page with one student who has limited fine motor ability so that she could have more variety of marks on her page.
Here are some of the resulting pages The one on the right is the combined teacher/student effort :

We then cleaned up.
Up to this point took one full period.

Here are a few more fun Miro images :)

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